You need to have a positive credit balance for you to upload records on mfieldwork. This will not hinder you from collecting records and saving them on the phone but it will hinder you from uploading them.

1 record = 1 credit = 30 U.S cents.

Loading up on credits

You will need to have access to the web application to buy credits.

  1. Log on to mFieldwork web. On the top right hand corner of the page click on the User menu. 

  1. On the user menu, click on ‘Manage this organisation’ 
  2. On the manage this organization page you should be able to view your credit balance.  

3.To purchase credit click on ‘Purchase Add Credits’ 

Enter the number of credits that you wish to purchase (remember that 1 credit = 1upload = 30 US cents)

                NB: You can only buy a minimum of 100 credits.

Having entered the number of credits that you wish to purchase, click on ‘Check Out’

Enter your card information and click on “process transaction”.

You should get a confirmation message confirming your credit purchase.

Should you wish to use an alternative means of payment, click on ‘Alternative Payment methods’. Our sales and support team should get into contact with you as soon as possible.