Hi and welcome to mFieldwork. 

mFieldwork allows you to collect data using android phones. So how does this happen? We have prepared a quick tutorial for you, just follow along. 


1. A computer connected to the internet

2. A web browser (Chrome, Firfox, Safari, Opera)

3.An android phone 

A demo Survey

We assume that you have already singned up and created an mFieldwork Organisation account with a username and password. 

  • Log in to mfieldwork web application with the credentials you set during the sign up process. (here's a direct link to the login page: https://mfieldwork.com/mfieldwork/)

  • The first page you'll see is the homepage. Right now most of it is empty, but all your surveys (and some other cool stuff) will be displayed here. Click on the button that says 'FormBuilder'

  • Download the demo xml file attached to this article and save it somewhere on your computer. (Right click and select 'Save link as....')
  • Select a location. (most probably there is only one location to choose from)
  • Select a department.  (To start there is only one department to choose from)
  • Select yourself as the supervisor for this survey.
  • On the top most panel, click on 'upload xml' and select the xml file that you downloaded earlier.

  • Once the file is uploaded, Save and exit.
  • You should be back to the homepage now, if not, click on the mFieldwork logo (organization logo), Click on the name of the survey (the page that follows is called the survey landing page).

  • 10. You will need to assign the survey to yourself in order for you to be able to download it to the mobile application. Click on Assign fieldworkers.

  • Place a tick on the check box next to your name and save.

  •  Now get an android phone with the mFieldwork application installed on it. If you don’t have the app installed, search for it on the google play store and download it. (here's how to)

  •  Log into the mobile application with the same credentials that you used to log in on the web


  • Once logged in (your user name should appear at the bottom if you're logged in) press the download button.


  • Once the download is complete, click on ‘List Surveys’ and click on the name of the survey.


  • Swipe to the right to advance to the next question.


  •  Answer the questions and when you get to the end, click on save and exit.


  • Repeat the previous two steps should you wish to take another record. When done, upload the records by pressing the upload button.


  • Go back to your computer and go to the homepage. You should see now that the survey has some records uploaded to it.

Click on more and choose;

- Data to view a datagrid with the collected data

- Gallery to view any images taken from that survey

- Map to view gps points where the records were taken. (if they were taken)

- Design is for making changes to the survey.

Congratulations, you have now overseen one data collection exercise using mFieldwork. 

What next?
1.Adding users and user management. (link to article)
2.Exporting data (to excel, images, audio, video) (link to article)
3.Creating your own survey (link to article)