Users with email addresses vs users without email addresses

There are two categories of users on mfieldwork, users with email addresses and users without email addresses.

Users without email addresses cannot log in on the web application but they can log in on the mobile application and can only have one role, the fieldworker role.

Since they can’t log in to the web application, their passwords and account details are managed by someone who has an appropriate role such as an administrator or a supervisor. This includes setting and resetting their passwords.

Users with email addresses are responsible for managing their account details and passwords. They set their passwords when they are invited by email to join the organization on mFieldwork and reset their passwords by clicking on ‘Forgot Password’ on the log in screen.

Users with email addresses can be assigned to any role on mFieldwork. But when they are assigned a fieldworker role, they cannot log in to the web application.

User roles

Users on mFieldwork have the following attributes that concern access and permissions;

1. Assigned location(s)

2. Assigned department(s)

3. Assigned role(s)

A user is assigned to one or more locations and departments. All users (apart from those with the role of account administrator) have permissions only in the locations and departments they are assigned to. These permissions include downloading surveys to the mobile application, viewing and exporting data and editing and deleting records.

An account administrator has access to all locations and departments.

The matrix below gives a description of permissions associated with each role on mFieldwork.