Cascading options means that the options listed for a question are determined by the response to a previous question.

Consider this scenario: a user will be prompted to select a state, select a county in that state, and finally select a city from that county.

The list of city options will depend on the county selected while the list of county options will depend on the state selected.

To achieve this on FormBuilder,

1. While on FormBuilder, add the following three single select questions

a. Select State 

b. Select County

c. Select City

2. Add all the State options to the state question, all county (from all states) to the Select county question and all the city options (all cities) to the Select city question. If you are not familiar with how to add options to Select questions, read up on it here.


We set the cascade from the bottom up.

3. Select the ‘Select City’ question by clicking on its tile. On the question properties panel, scroll down to the Options section and click on Cascading. A pop up should appear.


4. The column of drop down menus display the options for the current selected question.

5. To add options from which to cascade from click on Add at the right corner of the screen and then from the drop down menu that appears, select the question whose options you want to cascade from. In this case we will select ‘Select Country’.

6. From the counties column, select the county that corresponds to the city on the column to the left.

In this case, we select Cameron for Brownsville and Harlingen and King for Dumont, Finney, Redmond and Seattle.

7. Repeat step five and six for the Select state question.


8. When finished click on Save to exit or Cancel to abort the procedure.