It is in this tab that you will place questions into groups, re-order questions and implement group/skip logic.

The questions you added in the Questions Tab are displayed in the panel to the left while the panel to the right contains controls for setting group properties.

To add a group, click on the Add group icon (circled).

Group Properties Panel


1. Group Label Text area: Type in the label for your group here.

2. Display on one Page tickBox: check on it to have questions in the group be displayed on one page on the mFieldwork mobile application.

3. Looping Group tickbox: Check on this tick box to have the selected group be repeated on the mobile application. The enumerator will be asked whether he/she would like to repeat the group after every iteration.

4. Select Logic dropdown menu: This dropdown menu lists the available logic options you may set for the group. Available logic options include Relevance, Constraints and Calculate.

5. Logic dropdown menus:  these allow you to build logic expressions for the group. Their contents will depend on the questions/group selected for logic implementation. These Example scenarios should bring out this feature more clearly.

6. Add Logic Icon: Click on this icon to build even larger logic expressions.

7. Custom logic text area: Type in your custom logic expression here. Or edit the logic expression built using the Logic drop down menus. Just make sure you click the Edit Logic expression button (8) first.


To add questions to a group, drag your desired question and drop it into the group.



To delete a group, check on its tick-box (circled) and click on delete.