In this panel, you set the Question’s properties such as Question Type, Question Label, and Question Options among others.


The properties set here will appear both on the question tile and on the mobile application. This Panel is divided into 3 sections;

General Properties Section.


1Question Number Icon: This indicates which numeric position this question is on the form.

2Question Type drop down menu: Select the Question Type for this question here. Question types include, Text, Numeric, Date, DateTime, Location among others.

3. Question Id text box: This is a read only text box that displays the unique question id of the question you are working on.

4Question Text Area: This is where you type in the question as you want it to appear in the survey. This text is what will be displayed on the mobile application.

5. Hint Text area: You may provide optional suggestions or instructions to enumerators, type them in in this text area. The hint will also be displayed on the mobile application.

6. Appearance drop down menu

7. Required tick box: Required questions must be answered before the mobile user may move to the next question. Questions that are not required may be skipped by the mobile user.

8Read only tick box: Read Only questions cannot be edited on the mobile application.  These are most often used for displaying instructions or the results of calculations.

9Hidden tick box: Hidden questions will not be displayed on the mobile application.  These are most often used for calculations that do not need to be displayed on the mobile, but are important for the logic of future questions or create data needed in the web application.

Question Options Section   

This section is only visible for single select and multi-select question types. It is here that you set options to pick from for the single select or multi-select question.

1. Options from Excel text area: 

 Options are set by providing label-value pairs. The option label is what will be displayed on the mobile application while the value is the underlying value of the selected option.

 Use this text area to paste label-value pairs from adjacent columns in a spread sheet application such as Microsoft Excel.  After pasting the label value pairs click the Add button (2).  Read How to add Label-Value pairs spreadsheet applications for details.

3. Clear default values buttonThis button clears the option(s) that have been set as the default.

4. Default Value:  The default value is an option that will display on the mobile already selected when the user arrives at this question. 

6. Add options button:  You can also add options one at a time.  Clicking this button will add a new row to the list of options.  Use the Option label text box (5) to enter the label and the Option Underlying value text box (7) to add the value.  Option underlying value will be automatically adjusted to obey the rules found here.

7. Upload option image button:

Images may be used as graphic representations for the options on the mobile application. We have some examples here.   Upload an image for each option by clicking on this button and selecting a picture from your collection.  Images must be (128 * 128) pixels or (64 * 64) pixels.  Other sizes an shapes may not render as expected on the mobile device.

8. Deleting Options: option button

To remove options one at a time, click the minus button (8) next to the option you would like to remove.  To remove all options click the “delete All Options” (12) button at the button of the tile.

9. Alphabetize Options: Click to sort options alphabetically by the option labels.

11. Cascade options  button:

Clicking this button displays the Select Cascades Pop up window where you will set your cascading options.Learn how to create Cascading options here.


12. Delete all options button:

Should you which to delete all options from the question, clicking this button will remove all the previously included options.

Logic Section

1. Select Logic Drop-down menu:

This drop-down menu lists available logic options to set for your question.The logic options include; Relevance, Calculate and ConstraintFollow the respective links to find out how to set Question Logic.

Should you choose to use your own custom expressions, you can do this by typing the custom expression(s) into the;

2. Custom display logic expression text area,

3. Custom Validate logic expression text area,

4. Custom Validation Message text area,

5. Custom Calculation expression text area,   respectively.

6. Edit custom expression button:

The custom logic text area are disabled by default. To enable them, click this button to allow editing.