This tab holds the questions or data fields themselves. It is in this tab that you will create and edit questions and manage question logic.

This tab has two panels, 1. The Question List Panel where the questions are listed in order and 2. The Question Properties Panel where the properties of a selected question are displayed.


1. Question Select tick box: The tick box is used to select the question for deletion or duplication.

2. Question Number Icon: This indicates which numeric position this question is on the form.

3. Question Id label:  Every question must have a unique question id. The ID is assigned automatically by the FormBuilder and cannot be edited.  Questions imported from the library and questions from imported XML will maintain their previous question IDs.

4. Question Label: This is the question text that will be displayed on the mobile application.

 5.Hint Label: This text appears on the mobile application in italics below the question text.  It is often used for additional instructions, units, or suggestions.

6. Question Type Icon:  Each Question Type has an icon for easy visual identification.  These icons do not appear on the mobile application. A full list of Question Type icons is given here.