Welcome to FormBuilder. This is the FormBuilder Landing page. It is the first page that loads when form builder starts up.

                                               FormBuilder landing

 FormBuilder Header (1,2,3,4,5): This header is present across the FormBuilder and shows the name, version, Location, Department, and Supervisor of the survey.

Tabs: FormBuilder is divided into several pages. Tabs allow you to navigate between these pages.

6. Survey Tab: This tab holds the properties of the survey such as survey name, survey location and survey supervisor.  FormBuilder starts on the survey tab when it is opened.

7. Questions tab: This tab holds the questions/data fields themselves. It is in this tab that you will create the questions, edit the questions and manage question logic.

8. Groups Tab: The Groups Tab allows you to reorder questions, associate questions together into groups and assign properties to groups.

9. Fieldworkers Tab: Fieldworkers are the users who will download the survey to their devices.  This tab allows you to manage who is assigned to the survey.

Action Buttons: FormBuilder has a number of actions that are available from all the pages.

10. AutoSave tick box: This tick box allows you to activate the FormBuilder auto save system.  When activated, FormBuilder will automatically save your progress in one minute intervals.  Please follow the link for additional information about specific saving scenarios.

11. Save button: Clicking this button will save your progress.  A new version [is created and is available for download to assigned fieldworkers.

12. Save and exit button: Clicking this button will save your progress and returning you to the mFieldwork landing page.  A new version is created and is available for download to assigned fieldworkers.

13. Delete button:  This button is active in the Questions Tab and Groups Tab.  Tick boxes on questions and groups allow you to select what should be deleted and the delete button will execute the deletion.  See How do I delete a Group or Question? for more information.

14. Export As button: You can export your form in Excel, Word or XML.  This can be useful for training, making notes of required changes or sharing your form with others.  More information about the format of the exports is available at the links above.

15. Upload xml button: Use this button to upload XML survey documents built on other systems.  mFieldwork can accept XML files compatible with XLS forms and ODK Build.

CAUTION! This will replace all the questions of the current form with the questions and structure in the uploaded XML.  If you only want to upload a portion of a survey, please upload it as a separate survey, and then use the library to merge what you need with the current form.

16. Survey Status dropdown menu: Surveys are either DRAFT, meaning that they are still under construction, LIVE meaning they are ready for data collection, or COMPLETED, meaning that  data collection is finished.  Only LIVE surveys will be downloaded by assigned fieldworkers