Sorting Design Edits

The Design Edits panel shows you the history of the survey design including who created new versions and when.

The panel provides the following information:
  • Name of user -  the user who made the edit. Clicking on the User's Name in the tab will take you to their User Profile page. See User Profile page.
  • Version number  - the version that was created by that edit
  • Date of edit - the date the edit was made
  • Name of the survey
  • Location - the Location designated to the survey
  • Status - the status of the survey at the end of the edit session

You can sort the list two ways:

  1. By Date - Sorts by modified date with the most recent design edits at the top
  2. By User - Sorts by user name alphabetically

Export questions to Excel

  • Exporting questions to Excel allows you to make comments on the questions row by row. It is a very to communicate changes that you want made to individual questions, you just use the row number to reference a questions. 
  • To export questions to MS Excel, click on the Ms Excel Icon and your download should begin immediately.

Export questions to Word

  • In the top right of the Design Edits panel is a MS Word icon that allows you to export survey questions or printing. See Exporting survey questions for printing for instructions on exporting and the contents of the export

Edit survey

  • The Design button takes you to FormBuilder where you can make edits to the survey such as changing the location and department of the survey, add and delete questions, and much  more. 

Delete survey