Navigating to a Survey Specific Dashboard 

Click on the survey name on any page on the mFieldwork Web Platform

The individual survey page gives you an overview of a survey, allows you to view details of a survey and to make edits to survey attributes and fieldworkers.

There are five panels on the individual survey page:

  1. Survey Overview (below)
  2. Design Edits
  3. Records
  4. Map
  5. Average Time to Create One Record, in Minutes


Survey Overview

The title bar of the survey overview panel displays the name of the survey, the location, the department and the date of the first submission. See Figure 1.
Figure 1

  • Name of the survey
  • Designated Location
  • Designated Department
  • Date of the First Submission - This is the date of the first record either uploaded or entered into the survey through mFieldwork Web.
  • Version number of the survey
  • Survey Supervisor
  • Status - The current Status of the survey. You can change a survey's Status by clicking on the Status, selecting the desired Status and clicking Save.


  • See Figure 1. The bar chart displays the last two months of records uploaded, starting with the oldest records to the far left of the horizontal axis
  • Mousing over each of the bars will display the exact number of records and the date of record upload
  • In the upper left of the bar chart is a breakdown by Records Today, Records Last 7 days and Records Total

Editing and viewing data options

In the upper right of the bar chart are five options for editing and viewing data

  • Enter Data - This will take you to a page where you can enter data directly into the survey. See Entering data through mFieldwork Web
  • Map View - This will take you to a page displaying a map of total records uploaded for the survey. Each point represents a record. Records must have coordinates to be displayed. See also Map functions in Map of record upload
  • Data - This will take you to the Data grid view. See Data Grid view for features in this view
  • Charts - This will take you to a page with charts for responses to each of the questions in the survey. See Viewing charts¬†
  • Export Data - This will allow you to download data from the survey. See Exporting data for external analysis