Your mFieldwork Web homepage is the first page you will see upon log in. 

As you navigate through your mFieldwork account you can always return to your homepage by clicking the mFieldwork logo in the upper left of any page. (The mFieldwork logo may be replaced by your organisation's logo, but clicking it will still take you to this page - the homepage).

Click on the links as you read through for detailed information. 

The header of all pages on mFieldwork give you quick access to; 

  • The Locations menu     Which allows you to display statistics by location and also create new locations.

  • The Departments menu    Which displays statistics by department and also gives you an option to add new locations.

  • The User menu     that allows you to view and edit information about your account and your organisation depending on the role assigned to you. Should you belong to multiple organisations this is where you will switch organisations. 

The homepage gives you an overview of surveys that you have permission to view and allows you to drill down to the details of each survey by Location, Department, Status and Supervisor.

There are six panels on your homepage

  1. The Records by Location panel
  2. The Records by Department panel

3. The Surveys Linked to You panel
4. The Latest Mapped Records panel


6. The Records by Supervisor panel
7. The Shared Public URLs