Users and fieldworkers can be assigned to different Roles within Locations and Departments.

To assign roles to specific users

1. Click on the User Management menu at the top of the page. You will be directed to the User Management page.
2. On user management, click on the user name of the user of interest. 

Note: The user name is the on the third column from the left. The first column is the fieldworker’s name.

3. The page that follows is the user’s profile page. Scroll to the bottom and click on ‘Edit Roles’

4. On clicking ‘Edit User’, a matrix of locations (columns) and departments (rows) is displayed. A user’s role in a location and department is set by clicking on the cell that corresponds to the location and department that you want that user to be assigned to.

On clicking on the cell, a drop down menu allows you to choose the desired role.

You can assign as many roles in different locations and departments as desired and as permitted by the type of user (with email or without email).

Side Note: Edit User Details is for editing the user’s details such as fieldworker name and resetting the user’s password.

5. When done, click on ‘Save’. The user now has the role(s) assigned to him/her. 

An alternative way would be to assign roles for multiple users in bulk, this is covered here: Bulk Edit Roles

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