Creating new users and fieldworkers

  1. Click the User Management menu from the top of the page. You will be directed to the Manage User Roles page, showing users and their permissions. See Figure 1.
    Figure 1


  2. Click Add New User
  3. Enter the email addresses of new users separated by a single space. For fieldworker accounts without an email address, enter the username that will be assigned to those users.
  4. Click Add Users
  5. A table will appear below with the list of users that you have added. See Figure 2. Any entries that already exist will not be added.
    Figure 2


  6. Enter in the fields a First Name, Last Name and Title for each user. (All fields are required.)
  7. Once you have finished, click Save
  8. You will then be directed to the User Management page
  • Those users with an email address will then receive an Account activation email with a link to activate and complete setting up their account. For assistance on activating an account see Activating and updating user account.
  • Those users without an email address and a username will be prompted to set a password when they login for the first time to mFieldwork Mobile on their phones or tablets.