Records are saved onto the phone or tablet locally until a user chooses to upload them to mFieldwork Web. This allows fieldworkers to collect data in locations where they do not have an internet connection and to upload surveys once they are in a location with an internet connection.

Uploading records from your phone to mFieldwork Web

  1. Make sure you are online and click on Upload button
  2. Wait for the records to be sent. See Figure 1.
    Figure 1


  3. A message will show the Upload Result click OK after completion is successful. See Figure 2.
    Figure 2


  4. Your records have now been uploaded

Unsuccessful Upload

If the upload was unsuccessful you will see the following message, Demo - 1 Error: Bad Gateway (502) at

  1. Click OK
  2. Check your network connection, and make sure you are online, then click Upload once more
  3. When you receive a message showing a successful Upload Result, click OK